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How to choose a wedding planner?

How to choose a wedding planner ?


It's necessary to go for a wedding planner who has apt knowledge of everything and have some unique ideas to make your wedding different from others and take away all your stress.

Proper Research : The important thing is to do a research on your potential wedding planners by visiting their social media pages and meeting them in person to know about some of the previous grand weddings they have planned and see their capabilities and work ethics. You must also check the reviews of their previous clients on different wedding planning portals where the company has their profile.

Call the planners : After you are done with the research, call the top 3 planners in your list and ask them how much they charge for a wedding of your requirements, what kind of services they offer and are they available on your wedding dates. By comparing them with each other you can finalize 'the one' among all the options you have.

Before meeting : Make a list of things that you want in your wedding. It can be the kind of theme you want, kind of cuisine, venue - indoor/outdoor, something that you saw on Pinterest, something unique in your mind. Discuss this with the planner when you meet and see if he/she can provide you with everything you want and see how he/she works, to analyse if you can cope up with the planner from now to your wedding day.

The Price : The price completely depends on the services your are demanding. If you want the planner to cover A-Z and make sure everything goes as planned, then obviously the price will be a bit higher. But at the end it will be worth all your money, now you don't have to worry about a tiny of thing, as the planner will take care of it. But as per the increase in competition in the market, you can get a planner at a very competitive rate.

Hospitality : Ask them about how they greet the guests and what things can be done to make your guests happy and satisfied. They must provide with one of a kind hospitality and take care of all your logistics requirements.

Now, it's time to close the dealAfter meeting your potential planners, compare them and analyse who is the best. Compare them on the basis of best price, services they offer, availability on your wedding dates and the vision the planner has for your wedding. After finalising the one, call them ASAP to discuss further.

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